What is 1000 Hours?

1000 Hours is a campaign to lobby government to fund a minimum of 1000 Hours of Early Intervention per annum for 2 years for every pre-school child with autism.

Why 1000 Hours?

The Commonwealth Government’s Best Practice Guidelines state that “A program needs to be of at least 20 hours per week over an extended period of at least two years”. This equates to 1000 hours per year for 2 years. Despite these guidelines only a handful of families can afford to access this amount of therapy.

Why 1000 Hours now?

Currently the Helping Children with Autism package falls short of providing children with best practice early intervention. Whilst the funding certainly provides universal access to at least some early intervention, for most children the hours provided fall far short of government recommendations, 100 – 150 hours per year. 1000 Hours is asking government to bridge this gap for all Australian children with autism as soon as possible.

Why support 1000 Hours?

The future for children with autism can be significantly improved if they can access quality early intervention that meets best practice guidelines. This means both quality and quantity. Now is the time to have your say and support the next generation of children with autism and their families!

What can I do?

Register here for 1000 hours.
The campaign will send out regular newsletters with details of upcoming events and information updates.